It Astounds Me

How small-minded some of my work colleagues are.

Today we entered into a discussion regarding body modifications.
It was all well and good when the comments being passed around were things like ‘oh, that looks painful’, ‘I don’t think I could do something like that’.
But things started going sour when they became things like ‘they’ve ruined their lives’, ‘they’re stupid’ and my favorite ‘they could only ever work in a freak show’.

I spent about 20 minutes afterwards trying to explain that some of these people may turn to body modifications because of something along the lines of Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Where they see problems with their body and so by modifying it makes themselves happier and feel more normal.

But they couldn’t understand.

Even when I started getting fed up and said, ‘regardless of why they did it, why are you judging? They’re not hurting you, or anyone else. They’re not permanently harming themselves. They’re just trying to be happy. What is wrong with that?’

Still they wouldn’t give in.

I hate working with people so small-minded.

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